Aug 16

Which world do your thoughts exist in?

Three years ago I was in the habit of doing automatic writing each night and I was producing so much at the time that I didn’t really have time to read it all. I wouldn’t even classify it as automatic writing, more steam of consciousness. Anyway, I came across this piece and it seemed interesting enough to post. If this was my unconscious mind then I have no idea what it was on at the time. There are some interesting ideas in the piece though. This piece of writing raises some interesting questions.

  • Does our world and the spirit world inhabit the same space with only separation being the frequency at which the atoms vibrate?
  • If they do could our thoughts exist in the spirit world and can these thoughts trigger a change in the atoms that the world our bodies exist in.
  • In essence, does thought change reality at the atomic/quantum level? Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 26

24/7 party people

There is an energy in you, in me, in all of us..

It’s a God given powerhouse of energy, just waiting to be tapped into. It’s that energy you feel when you are in love. It’s the energy that keeps you going through the darkest nights. It’s the energy that drives you to your greatest heights and can even let you lift a car off your child, where not even a team of men could have done it. The only thing that stops this flow of energy, or as we call it in the west – spirit… is ourselves. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 16

Out of your mind

Yoga Chakra ChartKarma tends to get a bad rap. We say, ‘Oh that’s just Karma, there’s nothing I can do about that’.

In reality Karma is just all the baggage you carry around with you. Every event and emotion you have experienced in your past. Your mind collects these and keeps throwing them back in your face, often at the most inopportune moments. Your mind is like an annoying nagging friend, that hangs around with you all the time. Whenever you decide to do something new this friend says ‘No, no, no – remember the last time you tried doing something like that – it was a disaster’. So you listen to what they are saying and all that negativity naturally dampens your enthusiasm. Then the ‘you’ that isn’t your mind decides that it’s maybe not worthwhile doing it, after all ‘Mind’ knows best. Read the rest of this entry »

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