24/7 party people

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There is an energy in you, in me, in all of us..It’s a God given powerhouse of energy, just waiting to be tapped into. It’s that energy you feel when you are in love. It’s the energy that keeps you going through the darkest nights. It’s the energy that drives you to your greatest heights and can even let you lift a car off your child, where not even a team of men could have done it. The only thing that stops this flow of energy, or as we call it in the west – spirit… is ourselves.If you close any of your chakras but especially your heart center, you close down the flow of this spiritual energy. You block it.

There are many schools that teach us how to open up these chakras. Mystical gurus show us how to unblock them and release this amazing power.

What they don’t say is that there is an easier way to do it – the simplest way. The best way to stay open is ‘to just not close’. Just be a 24/7 party animal. In this case though the party is life.

You don’t have to close yourself off to love. Say yes to new experiences. Embrace nature in all its beauty. Have a place in your heart for everyone you meet. If you can do that then your energy centers don’t need to be opened – they already are.

When I was a teenager I used to vibrate with energy. I sang in punk bands and I had to be tied down. I know that is hard to imagine now. Over the years I have been slowly shutting down, building walls and these blocks have started to make me lethargic. They have restricted my opportunities for joy and love in my life; and I’m starting to realise now that this is unacceptable.

In the last couple of years my spiritual journey has caused me to search once again for my soul, and to begin to see that – a life without spirit, is a life wasted.

It can be dangerous to open up. People may ridicule me, they may hurt me and make me look like a fool. But that has to be a chance worth taking. The alternative is too painful to even consider. Locked away in a prison of my own making, slowly wasting away with only my Ego to keep me company through the dark nights.