7 is the magic number

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if you study spiritual works enough you realise that the number seven seems to feature in most religious and spiritual philosophies more often than any other number (apart from 3). Certainly whenever layers/levels are mentioned then 7 is prevalent. You can see this in the Major Arcana cards of Tarot with 21 cards representing 3 cycles of 7 (fool card is a bridges between complete cycles). Our own lives follow the same pattern when you lay it out in stages of 7 years. (See chart below).

1-7.  –   Security (need to feel loved and secure)

8-14 .  –   Mastery (early foundations taken into the physical world)

15-21.  –   Exploration (experience of the wider world)

22-28.  –   Choices (career and relationships)

29-35.  –   Reinforcement (making adjustments with better choices)

36-42.  –   Consolidation (focus totally on the choices you have made)

43-49.  –   Stability (no major changes during this stage)

50-57.  –   Imbalance (feeling a need for a change in your life)

58-64.  –   Deconstruction (a stripping away of old surplus choices)

65-71.   –   Choices (the freedom of retirement allows for new choices)

72-78.  –   Exploration (with time on your hand seeing more of life is high on your list)

79-85.  –   Un-Mastering (you start to lose the skills and senses that you relied on)

86-92   –   Insecurity (reliance on children as you ready yourself for a return to spirit)

93-100.  –  The Return (if you have reached this point then your spirit is probably straddling both worlds)


You can see that there are two halves to this story. The first seven stages take you from naive dependency to mature stability, then the process reverses back to dependency again, only now the roles of parent/child have also been reversed. If you look at your own life you might be able to spot that major events tend to fall on these seven year cusps. We always think of ourselves as being one person from birth to death but within each of these periods you have probably replaced every cell in your body so you are effectively a different person in each stage. The you of 7 is a totally different person to the you of 21. Looking back at your 14 year old self now you probably wouldnt even recognise that person let alone understand their mental thinking process. I’m not saying everyone will fit nicely into this system but I think that many will find that sections of their lives do actually fit. It might explain the seven year itch..