Am I going crazy or has this happened to you?

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bookAs I was laying in bed last night I suddenly remembered something that happened a couple of years back. I didn’t pay much attention to at the time but it seems more relevant now that I am further down my spiritual path. I was reading the Seth book – ‘The Nature of Personal Reality’ (Channelled by Jane Roberts) and I found that I was connecting with the material on a much deeper level than perhaps I even thought at the time. I would read it late at night in bed, so I was totally relaxed and totally focussed on what I was reading. I found that as I was reaching the end of the right hand page that the text was continuing in my head. This would go on for at least an extra paragraph or two before I noticed that I hadn’t actually turned the page yet. The weirdest thing was that it actually all made sense with the context of the preceding text and what followed.

I just wish that I had possessed more presence of mind and had actually recorded what I was getting at the bottom of these pages. It would have been interesting to compare this with what actually appeared on the next page and whether it varied significantly. Was I channelling a variation on the material or just letting my imagination run wild? Have I already read this book in another existence? Was it precognition?

I suppose I will never know for sure now and I suspect that if I had tried to write it down or speak the thoughts into a recorder that I would have initiated a portion of my brain that would have stopped the process in its tracks.

If you have experienced this effect then let me know. Perhaps it’s something that happens a lot and it could just be that maybe people just don’t talk about it yet. Sometimes it’s just good to know that you are not the only crazy person out there 🙂