An idiots guide to Psychological Time.

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Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts

Following on from the last article on J W Dunne I started to ponder the conundrum that is Time. So, in this case the idiot mentioned in the title is not the reader but the writer. I am not qualified to talk on such matters but that has never stopped me before. I see this as a personal diary entry, that the whole world has access to, so if you disagree with any of this theory then that’s fine. Will your opinion affect me? Probably not, but then again should it. After all it’s my reality and therefore only my theories should apply.

There are countless gurus and holy men, in all eras, that say that time does not exist; well not as we imagine it does. Time isn’t a series of events that run in a straight line from day one of the Big Bang all the way up to day x, when the universe collapses back in on itself. In this series there is a past, a now and a future. However, if it is a straight line then how come some people can foretell future events and why do these spiritual gurus insist that there is only a NOW in the afterlife.

Being a pragmatic man I can only think of these types of concepts if I can actually draw a picture of them so, I started pondering how I would present these concepts to an audience. If I can PowerPoint it, I understand it.

I am sure that in this physical world that time is sequential, with day following day; a never ending stream of consecutive events. But I don’t think that the timeline is totally straight and I don’t think that it is inflexible. We have all had experiences of doing things that engross us to the point where Time seems to fly by. As a contrast other tedious tasks seem to go on forever, whilst every second on the clock seems like an eternity. How time runs can obviously be affected by our view of reality and the emotional charge that we put into it. This is ‘Psychological Time’, as referenced in Jane Roberts Seth Material.

I think that we can all agree that almost everything in this universe vibrates at a certain frequency, whether it’s light, sound or matter. This is just my theory but I think that time normally runs in a straight line but when we apply thought or emotion to it that we change its frequency. As the frequency increases we warp that straight line into a sine wave. The more energy that we put in, the more the frequency rises, and the vibrations reach a point where the peaks elongate and the intersections of the horizontal plane group closer together. In this heightened state of awareness, yesterday and tomorrow are almost side by side with the Now. Like old video tape the parts that rub close together can bleed into one another, leaving impressions. I think this is how we experience Déjà Vu and how we sometimes pick up precognitive visions of the future.

Imagine a one week calendar printed out on a piece of paper. There are seven columns split into hourly boxes. Now fold that paper along the lines between the daily columns, forming a corrugated roof effect. You can pull the two edges until the paper is almost flat or you can squeeze them in till Monday almost touches Tuesday; and near enough the following Sunday.
If you could raise Times vibrational level enough then to the outside eye all the days would merge into one. Or as Eckhart Tolle and Seth like to refer to it NOW or The Spacious Present.

I think this is how we, as spirits trapped in human form, can achieve this effect but I don’t think that’s how it works in the spirit world. I think they have the advantage of being an observer of Time, but from a totally different viewpoint than we see it.

Imagine once again Time running from point A to point Z, in a straight line. We view it from some point along that line, that we call the present moment. Either we stand still and look at this horizon sliding past or the horizon is fixed and we slide along the line; with wherever we are currently looking at being NOW.

What if you had the advantage of not being on that line though. What if you could come to the end of the line and view it from point Z. If you managed to get right on the end you wouldn’t see a straight line anymore. You would just see a dot and everything that could ever happen in that timeline would be visible within that dot. You would see the Alpha and the Omega and everything in between. I think that is what spirit mean when they say there is no time per say in the Afterlife.

How to imagine this concept though!

Close one eye and hold a pencil up horizontally in front of that eye. Hold it with the tips of your fingers somewhere In the middle.

Where you are holding it with you fingers is the present moment, and time is physically running from left to the right. The past is to the left of your fingers and the future to the right. Now keeping the pencil at eye level and rotate your wrist clockwise ninety degrees. The line will disappear and you are now looking at a circle that is the end of the pencil.

You can still see your fingers holding onto some point in time but which point is it? From that observers vantage point all events are visible and the fingers holding it can be anywhere and anytime without moving. That is how spirit can be anywhere and anytime without any effort.

But time is a fickle mistress and I am certain that the next time I post an article on time that I will have a completely different view of it. That’s what makes time fun and keeps ‘Doctor Who’ interesting.