‘Answers about the Afterlife’ Review – Bob Olsen

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imageI usually find that when reading spiritual books that the main lessons are near the end. With Bob Olson’s book – Answers about the Afterlife – I was immediately getting gems right from the get go. Chapter one has one of the most concise descriptions, to the question of the difference between a soul and spirit, that I have ever read. Suddenly it all just clicked into place. I had all the right information rattling about in my head, I just didn’t know quite how to arrange it into a coherent message; one that I could live with on a day to day basis. I don’t need to do that now, Bob did it for me. In fact the whole of chapter one helped me see the bigger picture. I thought I had grasped it all but now it’s just that little bit clearer.

The book is laid out in a simple Question/Answer format, but compared to some of the heavier material that I have been reading lately, this was a welcome and refreshing change. This is the book you will go back to time and time again when you get yourself tied in knots. All the questions you could ever ask are laid out in neat sections covering Death, Afterlife, Spirits, Angels, Ghosts, Spirit Communication, Mediums, Past lives, Reincarnation, and NDEs.

I would also recommend checking out AfterlifeTV.com where Bob explains some of the more weighty questions, in more detail. These usually last an hour and in many of the episodes he interviews experts from each of the relevant fields of research. Bobs style is so laid back that each episode is a joy to watch, especially the ones with James Van Praagh, which made my me and my wife laugh out loud.

Bob started out his investigation on the Afterlife as an open minded skeptic and with all the skills of a private investigator. The results of his 15 years of research is a certain knowledge of the existence of the Afterlife, but still peppered with sensible areas of skeptism. He might be a believer now but he certainly isn’t going to get the wool pulled over his eyes. He should be praised for his approach, which mirrors the efforts of the early pioneers of PSI research. Unlike them though Bob isn’t a scientist, which makes his work far more accessible to the average man/woman. I just hope science catches up with people like Bob one day.

Excerpt from ‘Answers About The Afterlife’ – Bob Olson
What is the difference between a soul and a spirit – chapter 1 (…compressed version)

“The soul is our whole self, the eternal and spiritual aspect of who we are. I’ve seen evidence that we experience many human lives, the soul is what is experiencing all those lifetimes. So if my soul has a lifetime as Bob, another lifetime as George, and another lifetime as Sarah, then Bob, George, and Sarah all come from the same soul.

The ocean is the soul, and the waves are the spirits. So Bob, George and Sarah are like waves and their soul is the ocean.

When my soul chooses to experience a new life – let’s say, as Julie – it will create a new spirit of itself. And that spirit will inhabit a physical human body that will be Julie. Therefore when we discuss reincarnation later in this book, this question will help you understand that it’s not really Bob who is reincarnating; it’s Bob’s soul, who is creating a new spirit that will be known as Julie.

The wave doesn’t reincarnate as another wave. The ocean creates a new wave, which is connected both to the ocean and all the other waves that came before it.

So no matter how long a person lives, their loved one will always be there in the spirit world to greet them when they die.”

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