Are Chakras important?

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The more I discover about Chakras the more I start to get a gut feeling about how important they really are. It’s hard to argue with something that is such a basic element of Indian energy systems. Every time that I think I am starting to move away from there influence I seem to be drawn back to them, with more force than ever before.

I wish I had a better recall of my dreams.  I had one last week that was so clear at the time. When I woke and tried to grab it, it turned to dust in my hands. In this dream I was shown exactly how chakras work; how the colour and frequency are an essential part of their meaning.

More importantly I was shown that once you move up into one of the higher four chakras you are changed. You can’t really go back down to the lower three without a massive amount of effort. You also need to make a decision about whether to move higher. If you decide to stay on the fourth chakra (heart) then it is your duty to educate those around you. If you decide to move higher then you will need to leave behind those that you associate with now as they will weigh your progress down. I suppose that’s why people become monks.