Are scientists on the verge of rewriting the text books?

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We all know the Large Hedron Collider takes particles and smashes them together (at speed) to see what comes out of the collision. Recently the team prove the existence of the Higgs Boson or ‘God Particle’. That alone was worth the projects massive budget and everything else they find now is just gravy. For a while now they have noticed a blip in the data. If it does turn out not to be a blip then it’s a new particle, one that doesn’t fit in with the standard model of physics. That’s as big as sailing for China and discovering America on the way. Redraw the maps and rewrite the physics text books. But what could this particle be?

One possibility is the elusive Graviton and that would be a game changer in the multiverse camp. We all know now that a particle can either be a wave or a solid, depending on whether it is being observed or not. A Graviton would be the solid version of a gravitational wave and according to Einstein they bend Space and Time. If that’s what the blip is then its discovery would unite quantum theory with gravity. According to this CERN article a fridge magnet produces more force than gravity and that one explanation of that weakness is that it is shared across each universe in the multiverse. Discovering a Graviton could be the key to travelling between them.