Aura Reading – the simple way

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Yoga Chakra Chart I have to admit I was always a bit sceptical about Auras and I suppose until you see it with your own eyes then that’s the correct position to take. I decided to see if there were any videos available on YouTube so that I could experiment myself and there are quite a few. However, I didn’t have much success using their methods. I then had a stroke of divine inspiration and the method I used worked first time. I was able to paint a turquoise streak across the wall that stayed visible for a good length of time. Buoyed by my success I asked my wife to try the same technique. She is a natural at these kind of things but had been struggling with seeing Auras on anything apart from flowers. Again, she got the same results as me and subsequently, through practice, has gotten better at seeing full body Auras. We decided that the best test would be to get a sceptical youngster to try this and it worked for her first time, although she doesn’t like to admit that she was seeing an Aura – ‘it’s an optical illusion’.

What we have discovered is that once you have seen your first Aura then with constant practice your skills improve dramatically. It’s a bit like those 3D pictures, that you have to de-focus your eyes to see. Once you get one and know how to do it then the rest become progressively easier to see.

By now you are probably biting at the bit to find out the technique so, here we go;

Most of the online techniques get you to start on a figure or hand against a plain background but this can be a bit hit or miss. It’s just too big an area to concentrate on.

Take hand and form a pointing hand gesture, where each index finger is pointing towards the other, palms facing towards you, arms out straight and at eye level.

Find a plain coloured wall, preferably not too dark. Ideally any light sources should be from the side so that shadows don’t project back from your hands onto the wall. Try various locations to find the best one for you.

Move your pointing hands to within 1-2 inches from the wall, palms facing you and index fingers almost touching. Arms extended at eye level. Leave enough gap so that you can see the wall between the two index fingers, about 1 inch.

Concentrate your focus on the wall behind the fingers; keep your gaze here, even as you fingers start to move apart. That’s the important bit. Keeping that same focus and direction and using your peripheral vision to see the Aura appearing. If you get distracted and look at the moving finger you will lose it. Just reset and start again.

After about a minute of staring at the wall between your fingers slowly make the gap between the index fingers bigger. The slower the movement; the better the results. You should see that there is a trace left behind and if you do it steadily and slowly enough you should be able to leave a coloured trail, like you had smeared paint on the walls. I like to move my hands about two feet apart so I can recognise the colour. If when you are moving your hands apart you don’t see a glow appearing then move your hands back together for a bit and keep opening and closing till it does appear – it will.

Take a note of this colour, as this will change depending on your mood. Compare it to an Aura chart.

Once you have mastered this step then you can move onto head and shoulders of gently swaying colleagues. Try this against the same wall for good results.