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Name: Alex Aitken
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  2. The Guest House – Rumi — September 5, 2016
  3. An idiots guide to Philisophy terms — August 29, 2016
  4. Leslie Flint – Direct Voice Medium — August 29, 2016
  5. HRH on Perennial Philosophy — August 15, 2016

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Dec 22

Christmas Connections

Two hundreds years ago the world was a smaller less complicated place. The edge of a persons life was the end of their village and everyone knew everyone else. Feeling connected to your community was a given. Family and neighbours meant something. Then the world started shrinking, technology joined communities into one giant global village. …

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Sep 05

The Guest House – Rumi

In recent discussions I have been contemplating whether everything that comes into my senses has a reason. Is it just flotsam and jetsam drifting through my life or is there a deeper meaning. I am finding that the more I try and stay open, non judgemental and compassionate (hardest of all), the more wonders the universe shows me. …

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Aug 29

An idiots guide to Philisophy terms

I have been burned badly by consciousness books so I had to write myself an idiots guide to some of the terms. You won’t pass any philosophy exams with these but here they are anyway. Realism – in realism the universe exists in its own right and is totally separate from our minds. Our consciousness …

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