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  2. Constructive Prayer – A how to… — December 16, 2016
  3. Selfishness is good for you — December 9, 2016
  4. Reincarnation – going back over the facts — December 6, 2016

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Jan 01

If a tree falls…

“If mankind were to disappear tomorrow and no other conscious species exists in the universe, present time as we conceive it would also disappear; what remains of nature and physical reality will continue to be subject to some form of order and relativity.” Birgitta Dresp-Langley, Jean Durup Nature is a series of cyclic events, experienced …

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Dec 16

Constructive Prayer – A how to…

The best way to explain this is probably with an image. Imagine a child’s wooden toy. You have a piece of wood, with a square hole in it, and a square block that fits neatly into that hole. The hole in the block can be seen as a ‘lack of’ something. The block can be …

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Dec 09

Selfishness is good for you

Found this wonderful section in ‘With Folded Wings’ by Edward & Betty White. “Your first duty in development, not only for your own sake but for the sake of the greater whole, is the establishment of a homogeneous, close-knit, invulnerable core of yourself as an individual. Until you have so established a centre or nucleus, no …

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