Automatic / Spirit Writing Tips

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penAutomatic writing is a method of communicating with the spirit world, much like mediumship. In its truest form no human hand is ever involved in the writing. At the turn of the last century it was quite common for two writing slates to be placed together with a piece of slate chalk in between them. This sandwich was then tied together and left for the length of the séance. At the end it was untied and sometimes a message would be scrawled out on the slates. This is the most verifiable form of spirit communication, as it can be more easily confirmed by attending witnesses. This form of automatic writing has almost entirely died out ever since the groups that specialise in spirit materialisation have dwindled away. However, there does seem to be an upsurge in materialisation groups so, perhaps we will see resurgences in this style of mediumship. Perhaps this method isn’t necessary anymore with the introduction of modern technology. Why use a slate when you can just as easily manipulate a digital tool like Dictaphones, mobiles and tablet devices.

Another common form of Automatic Writing is when the message recipient places themselves in a trance before writing. The trance should be deep enough so that they aren’t aware of their hand moving across the paper. This method was used by Geraldine Cummins when she conversed with the spirit of Frederick Myers. She would cover her eyes with her hand and a colleague would replace the paper as she wrote. Unlike the latter method this one always leaves some leeway for sceptics. It is conceivable that the sub-conscience mind (of the trance medium) may be more involved in the writing than spirit actually is. This isn’t to say that this is a no less valid method – after all, even if it is the sub-conscience mind, which you are communicating with, then there is a wealth of knowledge inside you just waiting to be tapped into. I think as the trance writer you also need to bring your own sense of healthy scepticism to this style of writing, at least until you start producing information that you couldn’t possibly have known; and that can be verified.

The third method, which I use myself, could be described as Inspired/Creative Writing whereby, you just let your mind flow and write whatever comes out. The quicker you can do this then the less your logical mind will be involved. Don’t bother with style, punctuation or spelling. You can sort that out after. Just ask a question and start writing with no specific words in your mind. This method will be easy for some and difficult for others. My mind tends to be a blank slate most of the time so I just write one word at a time, as it appears in my mind. Sometimes it’s just plain hogwash, other times it just seems to make perfect sense. The more I practise the more intelligent the responses seem to be, certainly more intelligent than the drivel that normally runs through my head. Often it doesn’t make sense till weeks later so it’s sometimes better not to read what you have written immediately.

Whichever method you attempt it’s worth remembering that if you didn’t take advice from someone when they were alive, then why would you now that they are in the afterlife. Apply some logic to any suggestions. If the responses are steering you towards a loving path then it’s more likely to be your higher self or spirit. If it’s leading you towards doing anything bad then that’s more likely to be your sub-conscious mind playing with you.