Brain or Mind? What comes first?

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imageAfter we have experienced a beautiful day we know, with 100% accuracy, that night will follow. That never changes. (Unless you are a night person. For you it is the reverse and day always follows night.)

If I was uneducated and prone to superstition I could conclude that night is caused by day or that day is caused by night. You would probably laugh at me for for being so idiotic. But that is exactly how mainstream science views the human brain and the conscious mind. For them the brain produces mind and mind cannot exist without the physical brain.

As spiritualist we know that mind continues on long after the death of the brain, as communication with that personality is still possible long after they have left their physical bodies. For that to be true then, the brain must serve some other purpose. Aldous Huxley in his 1954 book ‘The doors of Perception’ put forward the idea that the brain isn’t a productive system but rather a filtering device to limit our access to knowledge. That’s like giving someone the encyclopaedia Britannia then ripping out the page on creating fire, handing that page to them and taking the rest of the books back. That doesn’t seem logical but when you think about it more it does start to make sense.

Could you survive in this physical world if you knew everything that ever had or ever will happen? What if you could remember every detail of an event, right down to the smallest quantum level. Having access to that much information would paralyse any actions that you might take. If a wild lion was attacking you your mind would be computing the results of every action you might make and the possible consequences of those actions and you would project those actions millions of years into the future. By the time you had decided to run away the lion would have eaten you.

No, in this physical world, with a mortal body to look after, decisions need to be simple life or death ones; with no thought to the future consequences. Therefore our brains need to limit the amount of knowledge that we have access to. Filter it down to just what is required to stay alive and to procreate. At is how a species survives.

In modern society we no longer have the same requirements of the brain. We are not in survival mode all the time and we have more leisure time, time that allows us to explore our spirituality, time to reconnect with the vast field of knowledge; knowledge that we had access to before birth and will have access to again when we leave this physical body.

So what came first, the brain or the mind? In my view – its mind, mind is eternal and the brain is merely an evolutionary filter to allow mind to explore this physical universe. Let’s not detract from the intricacies of the brain though, it is a beautifully constructed piece of machinery and like a computers modem/firewall it connects us to the ‘Universal Super Information Highway’ or as I like to call it ‘The Godband’. And if you think your Facebook is busy you should check out Gods friends list and likes.