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Jan 01

If a tree falls…

“If mankind were to disappear tomorrow and no other conscious species exists in the universe, present time as we conceive it would also disappear; what remains of nature and physical reality will continue to be subject to some form of order and relativity.” Birgitta Dresp-Langley, Jean Durup Nature is a series of cyclic events, experienced …

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Dec 06

Reincarnation – going back over the facts

I have just finished reading ‘The Risen’ by August Goforth, for the third time. Damn that book gets better every time I read it. It also highlights beliefs that I have or have developed since reading it last and that’s a really useful exercise in how you are progressing on your spiritual path. This time …

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Jun 23

Sending your spiritual senses in a thought.

The five senses, that we as so used to using, also have their counterpart sense within your spirit body. Your normal eyesight is pretty neat but your spirit eyesight could see clearly all the way to the horizon, like a soaring eagle. Your spirit hearing is super sensitive like a bats and your spirit sense …

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