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Jun 16

Out of your mind

Karma tends to get a bad rap. We say, ‘Oh that’s just Karma, there’s nothing I can do about that’. In reality Karma is just all the baggage you carry around with you. Every event and emotion you have experienced in your past. Your mind collects these and keeps throwing them back in your face, …

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May 12

Your choices affect your great grand children

A recent discovery has thrown more weight to the Epigenetic theory that our environment influences and our thoughts have more of an effect on our genes than was previously suspected. Several new studies this year have shown that all of a person’s cells don’t have the same genetic coding, especially in neurons. “The DNA in …

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Apr 27

Are Chakras important?

The more discover about Chakras the more I start to get a gut feeling about how important they really are. It’s hard to argue with something that is a basic element of ancient Chinese and Indian energy systems. Every time I think I am moving away from them I seem to be drawn back to …

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