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Aug 16

Which world do your thoughts exist in?

Three years ago I was in the habit of doing automatic writing each night and I was producing so much at the time that I didn’t really have time to read it all. I wouldn’t even classify it as automatic writing, more steam of consciousness. Anyway, I came across this piece and it seemed interesting …

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Aug 29

An idiots guide to Philisophy terms

I have been burned badly by consciousness books so I had to write myself an idiots guide to some of the terms. You won’t pass any philosophy exams with these but here they are anyway. Realism – in realism the universe exists in its own right and is totally separate from our minds. Our consciousness …

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Aug 15

HRH on Perennial Philosophy

I am no royalist but after reading Prince Charles introduction to a 2006 conference, I have a new found respect for the man. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Text Here

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