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Jul 03

7 is the magic number

if you study spiritual works enough you realise that the number seven seems to feature in most religious and spiritual philosophies more often than any other number (apart from 3). Certainly whenever layers/levels are mentioned then 7 is prevalent. You can see this in the Major Arcana cards of Tarot with 21 cards representing 3 …

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Apr 19

Proving Non Local Consciousness (OOB) – a personal experience

I have probably written about this subject so many times, in one form or another, but understanding it and actually experiencing it for yourself is worlds apart; literally worlds apart. There is a cliff sized step between a belief and actually knowing. Once you take that step there is no going back. Last night was …

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Feb 08

Nothing – but part of everything

There is nothing physical that does not first exist within mind. The spark that jumps from neuron to neuron emits bursts of pure creative energy, energy that ignites vast universes into creation and fuels them as they travel across the great Ether. In the formless void, form is shaped, given name, then destroyed, only to …

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