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Aug 16

Which world do your thoughts exist in?

Three years ago I was in the habit of doing automatic writing each night and I was producing so much at the time that I didn’t really have time to read it all. I wouldn’t even classify it as automatic writing, more steam of consciousness. Anyway, I came across this piece and it seemed interesting …

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Oct 07

Earthly Cycles: How Past Lives, Karma, and Your Higher Self Shape Your Life – Ramon Stevens

After finishing Ramons first book (Conscious Life) I moved onto his second one. This was approved by Robert Butts, who provided the Foreword. Robert was the husband of Jane Roberts and co-author of the Seth Material. If anyone is qualified to critique works on Entities and how Karma shapes their works then it is Robert. …

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Jun 27

Communicating with spirit – have we got it the right way around.

Have you ever had that lightbulb come on over your head and then realise that you have been steered towards it for years. With hind sight you can see a series of interconnected synchronicities stretching out behind you, like a twisting river rushing through canyoned walls. Let me replay the events that lead to my …

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