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Sep 03

Immortality (and our employments hereafter) by JM Peebles M.D.

I am glad to announce that I have just finished digitally mastering this J.M. Peebles’s book from 1880. One hundred spirits tell us about what it’s like in the afterlife. It ill appear in the major distribution site (amazon, Barnes & Noble etc) but you can purchase now using the Lulu link below and at …

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Aug 27

The Magic Staff – Remastered

The Magic Staff – Autobiography of Andrew Jackson Davis (digitally remastered)   We have just finished remastering Andrew Jackson Davis’s seminal autobiography ‘The Magic Staff’. As far as I know this is the only new copy of this book available that isn’t just a scanned PDF of the original. As many flaws as possible have …

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Jun 27

Communicating with spirit – have we got it the right way around.

Have you ever had that lightbulb come on over your head and then realise that you have been steered towards it for years. With hind sight you can see a series of interconnected synchronicities stretching out behind you, like a twisting river rushing through canyoned walls. Let me replay the events that lead to my …

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