Click your fingers and change your life now

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image* The purpose of being is action.
* Action is an unpredictable forward movement into creation.
* To create, one must move outside of oneself but in that moment everything else in the universe changes and the feedback changes you.
* Therefore being=action=being (ad infinitum)

People always ask whether they should look outwards or inwards for answers. In truth it’s both. You are, you look in, you decide and then you project the results out. The problem is though, the ‘outside’ is no longer the same ‘outside’ that looked ‘inside’ in the first place. Confused? Stick with it. Hopefully you won’t feel like a Russian doll at the end of this process.

All creation stems from destruction and in this case it’s the you that was. The old you has merged with the results of the action and resulting feedback to create a new being – a new improved you. However good, bad or indifferent the action was, it changed reality at a quantum level and the universe will never be the same again. You will never be the same again.

As spirit beings we move forward eternally in this fashion. Dynamic builders of the path that we set before our feet. This path has broad guidelines, like the side barriers on a motorway. We can drive straight, round in circles, or crash from side to side but always forward, always somewhere new. We are never left unattended to career off the motorway but we are given leeway to control our on forward motion on this great highway. Along the road there are services stations that we have to stop at but the rest of the journey is pretty much up to us. Occasionally you get a gentle nudge from a sat nav or as we like to call them “guardian angels” but they are no more than nudges, usually when you fall asleep at the wheel.

The key is not to focus on the destination of the motorway, we are driving through eternity anyway, so what would be the point. It’s much better to concentrate on where you are now. You can’t change what hasn’t been created down the road but you can change what action you take next and that is all any of us can do. If your crashing into the barriers don’t blame the car, fix your driving. The solutions to all your problems is never the road or the car, it’s always the actions you are taking behind the wheel.

If you were to look back to any key stages in your life I bet you could narrow it down to a certain day. if you look closer it was probably a particular hour, perhaps minute. Go a bit deeper then you will realise that you actually changed dramatically from one state to another through the action of one thought, put into action.

If you were a smoker and you aren’t now then there would have been a split second decision where you said “right that’s my last cigarette..” and you stopped the very next second. Sure you had two months of hell after that but that was the by products of the action, the ‘thought-intent-emotion-action-new state’ process was instantaneous.

If you look back at all decisions that ever made you a ‘new being’ then you will see that they were all this quick and this easy. The bit before and after can be really messy but that’s just your Ego struggling to hold onto safe and comfortable normality.

We are spirit beings and we can create whole worlds in the same time that it takes a smoker to become a non smoker. What’s stopping you from creating your paradise, living your dreams, loving and living unconditionally; throughout time, space and beyond.


Stop looking back, stop looking forward. Just make a decision now and live with it, revel in it. Treat your life moments like lottery winnings, throw them on the bed and roll about on top of them, preferably naked. Stop blaming other people for you problems because you create them all. If you don’t won’t to be cheated on then make a decision to stop dating bad guys. Sick of being treated like dirt at work? Educate yourself in night classes and get a better job.

They all start with a single thought. You attach some strong emotions to it. This intent becomes action and action changes your life, changes you, changes the world from a place where you feel controlled to one where you go with the flow and enjoy whatever comes along.

Click your fingers and change your life now.