Communicating with spirit – have we got it the right way around.

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imageHave you ever had that lightbulb come on over your head and then realise that you have been steered towards it for years. With hind sight you can see a series of interconnected synchronicities stretching out behind you, like a twisting river rushing through canyoned walls. Let me replay the events that lead to my recent discovery about Spirit communication. One that I think has been sadly misplaced over the ensuing century, ever since it was brilliantly layed out by Rudolf Steiner (left). A simple throw away line that just seemed obvious to Steiner but it could rock your views on spirit communication to the core.

I have a bad habit of spending a day or two just scouring the internet, looking for material to read at some later date. A year ago I must have followed another of my random Internet trails and ended up settling on Rudolf Steiner. A PDF lecture on the Steiner archive site must have caught my attention because I saved it into the documents folder on my laptop. Fast forward a year and my wife is doing a similar random search and she discovers Samuel Sagan on A Facebook forum. She immediately buys his ‘Awakening the third eye’ book. She mentions it to me and her excitement about it encourages me to start skimming through this book. As I work through it I notice that it is heavily influenced by Steiner’s work.

Encouraged by this find I go back to the Steiner archive and find another article that interests me. I promptly drop this into my favourites folder for safe keeping. Several days later I go looking for that article, so that I can email it to my iPad, only to discover the previous lecture that I had saved from a year ago. I absentmindedly start reading it and realise that this lecture is somehow resonating with me. On reflection I don’t think it would have, if I had read it a year ago. In this particular lecture, on contacting the dead, Steiner discusses how communication with the living and the dead is not like a normal conversation. Their are no physical senses involved in this process so the intercourse happens soul to soul, but significantly he mentions that it is the reverse of what we would logically suppose a conversation is. It was at that point that the sense of what he was saying struck home but I still needed to work more on truly understanding it.

The normal thinking on spirit communication is that we ask a question and then Spirit answers that question. A simple and, perhaps one might say, a logical conclusion. After all that’s how things work in our world. Steiner then goes on to mention that a particularly potent time for this exercise is during the moments when we fall asleep and when we wake up, in the hypnagogic and hypnopompic states. I’m sure, like me, you have fallen asleep with a question mulling over in your mind, only to wake with the answer fully formed in the morning. The normal spiritual approach to this would be that Spirit had heard our question and provided the answers – as we slept. However, Steiner’s notion that spirit communication is actually the reverse of this process suddenly made sense, but I felt compelled to simplify his lecture message. If I couldn’t write it in my own words then I knew I would easily lose what he was trying to say in this quote.

“When we put a question to the Dead, or say something to him, what we say comes from him, comes to us from him. He inspires into our soul what we ask him, what we say to him. And when he answers us or says something to us, this comes out of our own soul. It is a process with which a human being in the physical world is quite unfamiliar. He feels that what he says comes out of his own being. In order to establish intercourse with those who have died, we must adapt ourselves to hear from them what we ourselves say, and to receive from our own soul what they answer.”

What I think is being suggested is that we already know the answer to all the questions in the universe and that spirit actually pose the question that leads us to discover those answers. Because time does not really exist in the Spirit realms the split seconds,between falling asleep and waking up, exist in the same moment for Spirit; what we would call the Eternal Present or Now. Our linear based minds naturally assume that as we fall asleep with a question, and that we wake seven hours later with an answer. But, If they both happen at the same time, then it is just as feasible, that the answer came before the question. Chicken and egg, so to speak.

We are spirit beings, living temporarily in a physical shell. As spirit beings we have direct access to the Collective Unconscious/Akashic Records (the history of all knowledge, across all of eternity). As a spirit being I know everything that there is to know but this physical brain, that I now inhabit, could not cope with that much knowledge; not without going permanently insane. What if Spirit knew where I needed to be, what I needed to know to get there and what I needed to find when I get there. I think they do, and in my opinion Spirit steers us towards material, events, meetings and interactions that will eventually allow them to plant questions into our minds. We just assume that it is us that have devised these questions, but what if we reverse that supposition.

There are two definable events happening here, separated by a period of sleep. The first is a question (that is sent out to Spirit at night) and the second is the answer (that Spirit provides to us in the morning). What I suggest is happening here is that Spirit suggests the question to our subconscious minds (tomorrow morning) and that we answer that question ourselves (tonight). Those two previously mentioned events, that happen simultaneously in the Spirit realm, are actually separated out and reversed in their transition from Spirit; to fit in with our linear based, physical world, mindset. Who knows, perhaps this reversal is a key factor in spirit communications that somehow we have, until now, merely misplaced or misconstrued.

Throughout history mankind has assigned the Spirit realms as being somehow above us, hierarchically organised like a giant upside down ice cream cone that filters everything back to the Source. I myself tend more to the notion that these realms all coexist in the same space, with a mirrored veil separating us from the spirit worlds. I also propose that this mirror is instrumental in the reversing of all our spirit communications. This might explain why mirrors have always played a key factor in occult practices. There are also many examples of automatic writing and Ouija board sessions, being received backwards. It makes you wonder about the effort required in the spirit realm to reverse their messages, before transmitting, so as not to confuse us?

I think I should leave the last word with Rudolf Steiner.

I have here been telling you of one of the fundamental principles of intercourse between the so-called Living and the so-called Dead. If this example helps you to realise one thing only, namely, that conditions are entirely reversed in the spiritual world, then you will have grasped a very significant concept and one that is constantly needed by those who aspire to become conscious of the spiritual world. The concept is extremely difficult to apply in an actual, individual case. For instance, in order to understand even the physical world, permeated as it is with the spiritual, it is essential to grasp this idea of complete reversal. And because modern science fails to grasp it and it is altogether unknown to the general consciousness, for this reason there is today no spiritual understanding of the physical world.

Both quotes come from the 1918 lecture  ‘The dead are with us’ – Rudolf Steiner

P.S. After I explained to my wife what I had learned from this lecture, she told me to go and read the following book by Colin Wilson. Amazingly out of all the thousands of articles and lectures that Steiner produced, this is the same one that Colin Wilson selected. Chapter 4 is almost identical to the above, in the context of quotes and themes extracted.

See also Colin Wilsons excellent biography  ‘Rudolf Steiner – The man and his vision’

“Of all the important thinkers of the twentieth century, Rudolf Steiner is perhaps the most difficult to come to grips with.”