Christmas Connections

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Two hundreds years ago the world was a smaller less complicated place. The edge of a persons life was the end of their village and everyone knew everyone else. Feeling connected to your community was a given. Family and neighbours meant something. Then the world started shrinking, technology joined communities into one giant global village. We can now communicate with everyone in the world in seconds yet somehow along the way we have lost our connection to each other. How on earth did that happen? How did all this technological advancement drive us further apart from each other?

Two hundred years ago books were a luxury of the rich. Knowledge was kept from the average man on the street. Now knowledge is freely available on the Internet. Books are becoming redundant. Scanned into digital format and the paper copies confined to elitist collectors. You can now have a library full of books in your pocket. So what do we fill these amazing libraries with? ‘Fifty shades of grey’ and hundreds of other free soft porn books.

With the introduction of Facebook we know all there is to know about each other. Or so we think. The world is now all about celebrity. Do you ever post anything really bad about yourself? Or do you exaggerate your own life to make you look less boring? A world full of trivia is just that – trivial.

The sad thing is, if ever there was a solar flare then all these digital devices would fry. Can you imagine a world suddenly devoid of technology? How would you manage? How many of us still have the knowledge to catch food, could we even light a fire to cook it? If you only keep one book in your house then make sure it’s a survival guide.

Putting all that aside, do you think you could even live with your own mind? Once it doesn’t have a constant stream of mindless noise lambasting it you will have to look at your own life. Go on, you can at least practise for that one. Sit in an empty room for one hour without any distractions. Let’s see how long you last…

I’d like to say that I am different but sadly I’m not. I live within 10 miles of all my family but I could count on one hand the amount of time that I see them in a year and these are people that I actually love. This Christmas don’t buy them another gadget. Take them out for a meal and talk to them instead. Make a connection now before it’s too late.