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The best way to explain this is probably with an image. Imagine a child’s wooden toy. You have a piece of wood, with a square hole in it, and a square block that fits neatly into that hole. The hole in the block can be seen as a ‘lack of’ something. The block can be seen as a ‘Need’ that would fill that ‘lack of’.

Normal convention for prayer would be to ask spirit for the block, like we were praying for ‘World Peace’. However, this doesn’t have the same force and focus as asking for the hole to be filled. If we were to ask for the people of a certain war torn city to have some peace from fighting then we have defined a specific ‘lack of’ that the universe can fill. Identifying this ‘lack of’ creates a vacuum that draws in with far more power than just identifying what the solution should be.

This also allows the universe the leeway to fill that lack with a more suitable solution, probably one that’s better fitted than the one we might have suggested. As lowly mortals we aren’t privy to all the machinations of the universe and our simplified solutions may actually cause more harm than good. By leaving the solution to a higher power and just stipulating the ‘lack of’ then we don’t impose our ideals into that final solution.

In the case of our hypothetical war torn city if we were to ask for World Peace then this is just too big (and far too vague) to be answered. If we asked for the certain parties (causing the harm) to be removed from the area then we could be creating a political power vacuum. These types of vacuum tend to be filled with even worse dictators than before. We have seen the effects of this type of blind folded decision making recently in the Middle East. I’m afraid to say that sometimes we are better with the devil we know.

From a constructive prayer point of view it is far easier, and far more powerful, for us to point at the lack and leave the rest to Spirit. We set the impetus going and then we leave the rest in the hands of the universe. There is no need to keep asking. If the following week we were to ask for the same thing, but angled slightly differently, then you could be starting a second Impetus moving towards filling that ‘lack of’. Potentially they could collide and nullify each other. It is better to think about phrasing the prayer right the first time and then let it run its natural course. Don’t interfere in its progress.

[Derived from a chapter in The Betty Book – Stewart Edward White]