Could it be magic

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magicWhy is it that we are all fascinated by magic. Whether its Dynamo or David Blaine we can’t help being drawn to them. In the words of the X Files ‘We want to believe’. We like to look at a trick and convince ourselves that there is no physical way on earth of doing that, at least not without having some real magical powers.
The use of magic has been banned in many different times and for many different reasons but mainly as a means of control. People that believe that they can create their own magic are less likely to follow the rules and behave in a manner that suits King, Queen and country. In a similar vein organised religions like the masses to think that only the church can produce miracles and that trying to do this yourself will lead to demonic possession and ultimate madness.

Magic is a strange beast to pin down. There are so many myths and legends surrounding it and its uses that it becomes hard to see the wood for the trees. When you do start to strip it all back to its basics though it is far simpler than you could ever imagine. It has always been in mans interest to over elaborate and ritualise natural practices . Without these layers of camouflage everyone can do it and if everyone can do it then where’s the kudos, where’s the profit.

At the core of all magic is the phrase ‘We create our own reality’. There is more behind that statement but this is only fine detail, details that you don’t really need to know to make this statement work.

Only thought is required to produce and manipulate the stuff of the universe into solid tangible matter. Whether it’s god’s, a spirit or your own thought is irrelevant. A thought needs to be put into action and that action needs to be observed to bring it into existence. It’s as simple as that.

If you meditate long and hard enough on the phrase – “We create our own reality” – then the world is your plaything. ‘All that is’ exists within you, as much as you exist within it. It’s time to take back your power and create a better world to live in. You don’t need candles, chicken heads or Gandalf – just a good imagination.