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Excerpts from –

Nature of Personal Reality – Seth / Jane Roberts

“Few beliefs are intellectual alone. When you are examining the contents of your conscious mind, you must learn, or recognise, the emotional and imaginative connotations that are connected with the given idea. There are various ways of altering the belief by substituting its opposite. One particular method is three pronged. You generate the emotion opposite the one that arises from the belief you want to change, and turn your imagination in the opposite direction from the one dictated by the belief. At the same time you consciously assure yourself that the unsatisfactory belief is an idea about reality and not an aspect of reality itself.” (Page 63)

“You may see where you held two quite conflicting idea’s simultaneously, and with equally vigor. In such a case, you stalemate yourself. You may believe that you have a right to health, and yet with equal intensity believe that the human condition is by nature tainted. So you will try to be healthy and not healthy at the same time…”

“Your imagination of course fires your emotions, and it also follows your beliefs faithfully. As you think so you feel, and not the other way around.” (Page 65)

“The imaginative events generate appropriate emotions, which automatically bring about hormonal changes in your body or affect your behaviour with others, or cause you to interpret events always in the light of your beliefs. And so daily experience will seem to justify what you believe more and more. The only way out of it is to become aware of your beliefs so that you bring them more in line with the kind of reality you want to experience . Imagination and emotions will then automatically come into play to reinforce the new beliefs.” (Page 72)

“To change the physical effect you must change the original belief – while being quite aware that for a long time physical materialisations of the old beliefs may still hold true…But you must not be concerned for their emergence, for this brings up the fear that the new ideas will not materialise, and so negates your purpose.”

“It is the separation of self from belief that is so important initially…”