Developing Intuition

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imageIt’s a strange beast intuition. We are all born with it built into us yet most of us have learned to ignore it since our early childhood years. Why?

Why would we ignore an extra sense, that was given to us to help us survive in a hostile world. Like animals, early man just knew where food and water could be found. They knew beforehand when danger was present. They knew when a storm was brewing and that cover was required. It’s a valuable tool, why stop using it?

Well obviously there won’t be many times when a wild tiger will spring out of the bushes, when you are walking to the shops. Food and water – you know all the shops that sell them. If it’s a bad storm I know I can get inside and sit it out. We just don’t have the same dangers in our life that required these skills so we ignore them. The more we ignore intuition the more it shrinks until the point where you do need it and it kicks back into action and you don’t recognise the signs.

There’s more reasons for developing your intuitive skills than just avoiding danger though. Many of these reasons will aid you in a better day to day experience of life. Wouldn’t it be good to sense how another person is feeling as you are talking to them. When to know if a decision is good or bad. Foreseeing the future. Being able to converse with your inner soul.

There are many ways to develop your intuition – your 6th sense – your third eye; it is the first steps to developing more inner powers like psychic abilities and eventually clairvoyance.

The key to intuition is listening to your body. We all know what it feels like to be scared. The heart beating faster, sweating and that gut retching feeling. But what if you start to experience those symptoms whilst you aren’t in potential danger. Stop when you start to feel these symptoms. Is there something around you that your body is warning you about.

Keep a note of all these experiences. Carrying a small journal is essential for all types of inner work, whether it’s intuitive studies, belief work or dream work. These journals will be a handy reminder to you as you start to develop. Other peoples books won’t help you much, you are an individual and you need to write your own book. Your intuition is unique and so are your journals.

Meditation is also an essential part of all inner work. Just spending 15-30 minutes a day, listening to your body and getting past that chattering monkey (that constantly goes on and on in your head) will make a world of difference. Science has proven that it is good for us mentally and physically so, if nothing else happens then you will have benefited from the meditation anyway.

Now you need a few exercises to start your intuitive processes going. Let’s start with a few simple ones.

1. Third eye opening. Find a comfortable place, probably where you normally meditate, and stare at the flame of a candle. Now close your eyes, relax and see what appears in your mind. If nothing happens or it dies away then just repeat the process.

2. Whenever you have a problem just write it down on a piece of paper. Read that a few times before you go to sleep. Quite often you will wake up with the solution. Your intuitive inner consciousness probably knows the answers to everything but it might decide that now isn’t the right time for you to know it.

3. Try and find a partner to work with. Play guessing games with them to see if you can both read each other’s mind. Maybe start small by choosing the royal cards from a playing deck. Can you visualise the card that your partner is intently looking at. Don’t be discouraged, keep going until you start getting more hits. You are flexing your intuitive muscles and like any training you will be weak to begin with.

We will add more exercises later on but good luck with your initial exercises. Let us know if you have any good ones that worked for you.