Diversity ++

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Having just had to renew my Equality & Diversity training at work I am somewhat attuned to the words. So when it popped up in reading Ken Wilbers ‘A Theory of Everything’ my eye was immediately drawn to this quote.

“It is not enough to recognize the many ways in which we are all different; we need to go further and start recognizing the many ways that we are also similar. Otherwise we simply contribute to heapism, not wholism.”

“.. we need to keep trying to find the One-in-the-Many that is the form of the Kosmos itself.”

He isn’t saying that celebrating diversity isn’t a good thing just that it ultimately leads to fragmentation unless it is tempered with some sort of integration as well. When you strip away all then there is essentially the sameĀ  perennial core to all religions, beliefs; and people in general. We are all super inflated apes that share a common consciousness and one spirit.