The Path

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religion]I want you to take a radical step. Get up now and go to the door. And when you have walked out the door I want you to walk along the path and look for God.

“What path will I take?”

It makes no difference which direction you go, which signs you follow, which turns you make on the road. They will all lead to the same place. They will all lead back to the one God, the Source of All, All that is.

Keep an an open mind. Spend time learning from all Faiths, discover their strengths, discard their weaknesses. Learn from them all; pick and choose the elements that feel right to your soul. Collate, investigate, and negate until you trim it all down to the simplest of Truths.

What you need to exist, in a happy spiritual life, will probably fit on a post-it note but at least it’s from your heart.

Take responsibility for your own spiritual guidance.

Write your own holy book and live it – NOW.