Do you belong in Generation S

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I just had to copy this from the wonderful ‘1000 Petals’ site as it is such an inspirational piece of writing –

They live almost the same life as others. You will not check them out of the crowd by their funny dress – they look quite ordinary. They behave as normal, nice people – you will not notice anything special at first sight. However a little more attentive look will identify this new generation.


1. They know, respect and live the basics of all the religions, but they do not belong to any of them – and still they belong to all of them.

2. They do not drink alcohol, take drugs or smoke, because they just don’t need it – they can drink the Divine nectar every day, which gives 1000 times stronger and more enjoyable sensations than any other drink.

3. They are the world citizens without any division on nations, groups, casts, prestige – free from cultural conditions.

4. At their young age they look a little older, experienced. Later they look younger than their peers – it seems like they stay preserved from aging. They are peacefully optimistic about their existence – no stress, no hectic, no depression, no fears… Life, every moment of it is a pure enjoyment in the true sense of it!

5. Their sex life is healthy and enjoyable – and yet they do not make much fuss about it, as the basic value for them is innocence.

6. Some interesting physical features: their eyes are always sparkling and steady (and not hysterically looking for appreciation, compliments, or any other attention). Freshness and authenticity identify Generation S: these people are joy-giving and they are enjoying everything.

7. They can not be cheated: through vibratory awareness they can find out the truth in any case. They also can not be brain-washed for the same reason. They have not 5 or 6 senses, but actually 7 – the last one is an ability to precept though the felling of cool vibraions flowing from the hands and on top of the head. Some of them may not feel it or may not know they feel it though…


“S” stands for spirituality.
The new generation has the powers and the strength to become the basis for the better future of humanity. For only complex, developed personalities can withstand the hurricanes of the mass-media and politics. Moreover, they not only withstand – they can change it just by their nature!

As the quotation of my favorite author Gregoire de Kalbermatten goes:
“In the case of homo sapiens, our being imbibes the outside world through constant sensations, impulses, impressions and conditionings. The outside world is the water, the inside world is the sponge.

With homo spiiritualis, however the inner world and its energy, crystallized by the rising sap the Kundalini, is much more powerful. It is emitted from the personality of a realized person on the surrounding world and it subtly, yet effectively, influences the outside. The inner world is the water, the outside world the sponge.”

Generation S is the water, nourishing the world-sponge.

Spiritual people, however idealistic they might seem are the only hope of tomorrow, as all the other sorts of people have failed to bring this planet to flourishing (they actually destroyed it).

Generation S is the bright, sunny and joyful future of mankind.

LOVE, axinia