Do you suffer? I do..

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Schizotypal personality disorder is a psychiatric condition marked by disturbed thoughts and behaviour, unusual beliefs and fears, and difficulty with forming and maintaining relationships.”

This is an interesting psychiatric description of a condition that I just came across, one that I think most of us would fall into at some point in our lives. Like all of these ‘condition’ descriptions, it’s hard to take them seriously. Why do we need to shoe horn normal personality traits into tight little pigeon holes? Who does it benefit, apart from the drug companies that have a costly drug that matches that particular pigeon?

  1. Put your hand up now if
    a) You never had a disturbing thought
    b) You never behaved badly
    c) You don’t have any unusual belief or fear
    d) You haven’t screwed up a relationship

What no hands! Sadly it continues;

“More commonly, however, patient beliefs (aliens, witchcraft, possessing a “sixth sense”) are stranger than their behavior, and may often keep them isolated from normal relationships.”

Oh my god, that is just about everyone that I know by being involved with Spiritualism. It gets worse, it turns out it is hereditary. I don’t remember my mum and dad ever discussing aliens, angels or demons but they must have been thinking a lot about them.

I don’t want you to get the impression that I am belittling this condition, far from it. I am sure there are people that are at the extreme ends of all the symptoms for whom life is an absolute living nightmare. However, what I am trying to say to those individuals is –  don’t let that label weigh you down. The vast majority of this western population is on that same sliding scale, right along with you. You are not alone friend and you are in good company.