Dr Joe Dispenza – Dublin 2017

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Just back from a weekend progressive course with Dr Joe Dispenza in Dublin. OMG this has rocked my world. I know there is so much more to our internal life but this weekend has shown me that I barely have my toe in the rabbit hole.

Unfortunately I hadn’t done my homework and I regret that. My better half did the work and benefitted from it. If I say it rocked my world it turned hers upside down.  If you get a chance then go to one of his sessions in either London or Dublin. If not then read one of his books, listen to one of his meditations or watch one of his videos on YouTube. You wont be disappointed.

And if Joe is reading this – Thank you dude. I didn’t dance but I did learn, laugh and cry. Also a big thanks to the taxi drivers of Dublin, you guys rock. We only saw Dublin from inside taxis but we will be back to see you and those wonderful Dubliners.