Dreamed Up Reality – Bernardo Kastrup

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IMG_0366.JPG‘Dreamed up reality’ by Bernado Kastrup is the latest book that I have started to read. I had initially tried to read another of his called ‘Why Materialism Is baloney’ but it’s a bit too technical for me to get my old brain wrapped around. I will come back to it after I have finished the latter book, which is written in a style that is more easy for me to grasp.’Dreamed up Reality’ has at its core four consecutive experiments in altered states of consciousness that build on it other and they just seemed to strike a chord with me. I think after reading these chapters, edited from diary notes, that  you will realise that sometimes getting what you asked for from spirit isn’t always as smooth or satisfying as you would hoped it would be. What was it Jack Nicholson said in Just a Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth..”.

It’s a cautionary tale that if you go inside yourself looking for Akashic  knowledge or the Divine truth then you need to also be mentally prepared for finding it. The physical mind, designed to work in this physical reality, was not designed to hold the pattern of the universe in it’s entirety. That way madness lies.

Withstanding that warning it is a fascinating book and I feel a certain kinship with Bernado, that I don’t feel with many writers. I think he is on the same path as I am, just a long way further down the line. So far I have only experienced the experiment one level, but in a variation that matches the way my mind works. I don’t think any two people, who voyage inside themselves, will experience the same mystical visions; but I sense that the feelings, that Bernado describes so lucidly, will match across all voyagers.

i would have paid for this book purely for Chapter One. Bernado takes us through a metaphorical universe called ‘Dhiiverse’ and his explanation of how its inhabitants evolve from creating individual realities to a a mass consensus one that crystallises into a physical world. A simple story that answered so many of my metaphysical question – thank you Bernado.