Earthly Cycles: How Past Lives, Karma, and Your Higher Self Shape Your Life – Ramon Stevens

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imageAfter finishing Ramons first book (Conscious Life) I moved onto his second one. This was approved by Robert Butts, who provided the Foreword. Robert was the husband of Jane Roberts and co-author of the Seth Material. If anyone is qualified to critique works on Entities and how Karma shapes their works then it is Robert. Sadly Robert has moved to the other side as well (2008). “Alexander gives fresh insight into what is probably the oldest, most basic set of questions we mortals struggle with. – Robert Butts”

‘Earthly Cycles’ builds on the great foundations that were laid in ‘Conscious Life’. The book is split into four sections.


  1.  Origin of Species – builds on the knowledge delivered in the first book, looking in more detail at the camouflage system that we live in and how we select the life that we will eventually lead, before we even get here.
  2. The Human Journey – Looks at how the actions that we take affect the world and how these actions lead to the build up of karmic braids. From birth to death this section instructs on how to avoid a build up of bad karma that will require a reincarnation to release.
  3. Realm of Spirit – A really interesting chapter on what happens after we die. One of the best and most conscise that I have read to date.
  4. Releasing Earthly Cycles – A how to manual for healing personal and global karmic braids.

Definition: Karmic Braids – When you intentionally cause harm to another (physical or mental) you immediately create a karmic braid. If you have a chance in life you can counteract that with good deeds, to the same person. If however you don’t get a chance to put that right it carries forward (after you die) and needs to be resolved by another soul fragment created by your Group Entity/Higher Self. You don’t actually reincarnate yourself but the soul that has the responsibilty for your karmic braid will be aware of your unique personality and subconsciously who the injured party has reincarnated as. The higher self will orchestrate a meeting between these two new fragment personalities and free will outstanding they will have the opportunity to loosen or in some cases disolve that braid. All Karmic Braids incurred by a group entity need to be disolved before that  entity can move onto the next level of spirit life.