No Comments on Emptiness

“…emptiness is not a state of vacuum, a blankness; it is energy without a centre, without a border.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti from the book “krishnamurti’s Notebook”.

It is a difficult concept for a western mind to comprehend. That what is seemingly empty, devoid of any life giving properties, incapable of even earning a profit, should be so full of – well, everything.

The blackness that we encounter in sleep, is an inner space that our bodies inhabit. That statement itself doesn’t even make any sense when scrutinised. How can our bodies be within us. How can the vastness of the void be within that body, but also not.

And this void is not stagnant, it is bursting with potential energy, energy just waiting to explode into a new form of creation. Any form of creation. It just needs the intention, coordinates and a greater or equal level of ‘feeling’ energy to kick start it.

We need to learn to see energy in everything that we once thought of as inert. We need to harness that power before we destroy all the energy that this planet has to offer. Become aware to the power of the blackness. Say the word, apply the light, create the form.

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