Facts about the spirit world

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1. The spirit world is not somewhere else, it coexists side by side with our world. 

There has been heated debate, over the last 150 years, as to how many levels there are to this spirit realm. Many, like Swedenborg and Andrew Jackson Davies, say there are seven. The one thing we can probably rely on for sure is that we won’t know for certain, not until we have reached the last stage of progression and we have re-merged with the source; the creator of all these worlds. 

You may ask then as to why you can’t see all these spirit worlds, if they exist in the same space as our Earth does. The answer is vibration. Each of these spirit spheres or as we would say in modern scientific terms, Dimensions, runs on a slightly different vibration. These vibration variances  allows each dimension to occupy the same atomic space but not be visible to each other. Nothing in our solid world is as solid as we like to think it is. Only when we observe matter does it then take solid form. When we aren’t observing then the atoms of that form move to a different form, one that is being observed, but in a different dimension. No travel is required on the atoms part, just a change of state. A lowering or raising of vibration and it jumps ship and reappears somewhere else.

Interpenetrating Planes and Worlds.
Another says: “It is true that ‘things are not what they seem’; but everything seems to be ‘thus and so’ to us only because of its particular plane of being, and that plane of being is determined by its vibrations. On one plane there is a certain vibratory value or speed; on another plane, a different one; but a plane is not a place, but a state, and so it is possible that two utterly different planes of being might co-exist in the same place and be entirely unknown to one another. That may seem absurd, but it is a scientific truth, and many authorities have endorsed the same.

Excerpt From: Swami Bhakta Vishita. “Genuine Mediumship or The Invisible Powers.” 1913

These worlds are not quite as separate as we like to think. Most paranormal events are easily explained by this veil of harmonics. Out of body experiences, dreams, apparitions, visions are all just glimpses behind that veil. Glimpses that are sometimes accidently achieved, but are usually brought on by proper meditation skills. Skills that lower or raise our vibration to match an alternate plane or dimensions. This process is called mediumship and everyone can learn to do it on demand, as apposed to accidently during unconsciousness.

“Try and think of the mind as a web: in it are numerous centres about which radiate thoughts and memories. Any one of these centres can direct its attention towards the earth. We are all fundamentally one, but when we concentrate upon some special operation of thought we become divided. In order that we may become one again we have to travel far from you. We must be fused in the spirit again. I do not, by the word “far,” wish to indicate distance as you know it, I merely wish to indicate that the very fineness of our composition leads us, when we are one, to be remote from you. You possibly will not believe me when I tell you that each star has its own personality. It is one and yet it is many. In the same way you, even when in the body, are, in the same material sense, one yet many. There are myriads of little entities within you but there is only one mind or one channel for the mind. The interesting feature of my state here is that I am within a larger mind which is not a collective one but is rounded off from many others. Many of my affinities are contained in it. All those phases in my earth life are represented by these various centres.”

Excerpt From: Cummins, Geraldine. “The Road to Immortality.”

2. There is no such thing as death.

That’s quite hard to get your head around at first. Especially when you exist on a physical sphere were we see death every day. That person was here yesterday but they aren’t now. In my mind I know they are dead, as I will never speak to that person again. From a materialistic point of view that belief makes perfect sense.

However, through mediumship, we realise that when we start having a conversation, with a dead loved one, that we have to shelf the whole idea of death. By raising our vibration we are once more able to speak to that loved one, who now resides in a different continent but who we can still call up and talk to. They didn’t die, they just emigrated to another plane of existence.

Just because a ship has gone over the horizon does not mean that it has stopped existing. Somewhere on a far off shore a Father watches the same ship getting bigger and realises that a child, that they had been separated from, is about to arrive. The ship has no concept of any interruption to its journey but for the people at either end, saying goodbye and welcome, there is a period of disconnection.

If your child emigrated to Australia you might think that you will never hear from them again. But you could telephone them or Skype them on the Internet. We can see and hear from them daily. It’s the same with the spirit realms, you just need to find the right tools to communicate with.

“And I am also happy that I have been able to bring to you some of those you love and who love you, so that you may realize more than you ever did before that you have never lost them, that death does not divide but brings together those whom love and affection and friendship have made one in heart and soul”

Excerpt From: A W Austen. “Teachings of Silver Birch.”

3. Your life continues much as before.

Life is a progression, a series of steps that lead you back to God, Source, All that Is; whatever you want to call it. When you move from this world to the next you won’t change that much. The conscious part that makes you you is still the same. The body is made of a finer material each time you move from one sphere to a higher one. In the next sphere it isn’t a physical body you will have, like the one you inhabited on earth. You don’t need to eat, sleep or work for your living but it’s hard to give up the habits of a lifetime so, initially you carry on as before. You create a pseudo physical world for yourself. You eat, drink and resume the hobbies that attracted you in your physical existence. It’s a good way of making you feel comfortable with the move. After a period of reflection, where you will have access to all the rights and wrongs of your previous life, you may decide that you need to progress forward again. Many will stay in this happy state for a long time before requiring new stimuli. Others may move on really quickly realising that a progression towards ‘No Form’ is more appealing. No one is forced to do anything that they don’t want to. After all Free Will is one of the immutable laws of the universe.  However, what does become more available to us, in the next stage of our evolution, is time. Time does not exist as it does in a world controlled by decay. With this endless time we can expand ourselves. Learn knew languages, expand our knowledge, experience new avenues of existence that we could previously only imagine. There are no limits to our expansion in what Andrew Jackson Davies refers to as the Summerlands.

“It seems that all the senses are provided for here. The chief work on this island is to get rid of unhappiness at parting from earth ties, and therefore, for the time being, the individual is allowed to indulge in most of earth’s pleasures. There are attractions of all kinds to stimulate and generally to tone up strength. Whatever the person’s particular interest on earth has been, he can follow it up and indulge in it here also for the present. All mental interests and almost all physical interests can be continued here, for that one reason of coaxing the newcomer to a level mental outlook.”

Excerpt From: Stead, W. T. (William Thomas), 1849-1912 (Spirit). “The blue island : experiences of a new arrival beyond the veil.” 


4. Thought is King

You quickly realise that when you start on a spiritual path, a path that will eventually lead you to these Summerlands that your consciousness, your thoughts, are powerful beyond measure. Communication happens instantly from soul to soul, without all the superfluous rubbish that your Ego currently coats the message with. If you love someone then they will know that, instantly. Soul to soul communication is always truth. In this new life thought creates reality. If you want to live in a castle, and you can imagine it, then a castle it is. If your mind has created a notion of hell then that’s what you will create for yourself. However these mind sculpures are not set in stone. They are the things of clouds and you can just as easily blow them away once you are better educated as to what is really important in your life. There are wise beings in those planes, who have made it their vocation to help those that create damaging realities for themselves. No one is left to their eternal damnation unless they so choose that life.

You need to learn (in this world) how to control your thoughts, as they affect the next world as much as they affect this one. If you send a good thought out into the universe it will find soil and flower. A bad one will come back to haunt you. The more we can avoid bad choices and bad thoughts in this life, will allow you to progress faster in the next. How do we do that in practice? Simple, love thy neighbour as you would yourself. In Spiritualisms abiding principles this drops into the number two slot as ‘The Brotherhood of Man’, right behind the ‘Fatherhood of God’.

“You must be aware of the contents of your own reasoning mind. Find the ambiguities. Regardless of the nature of your beliefs they are indeed made flesh and material. The miracle of your being cannot escape itself. Your thoughts blossom into events. If you think the world is evil, you will meet with events that seem evil. There are no accidents in cosmic terms, or in terms of the world as you know it. Your beliefs grow as surely in time and space as flowers do. When you realize this you can even feel their growing.”

Excerpt From: Roberts, Jane. “Nature of Personal Reality”