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Game of Thrones – Tarot Court Cards

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Season 4 will be starting soon and I have seen some really interesting Major Arcana decks based in Game of Thrones so I thought I would have a quick stab at how the characters relate to the tarot court cards. The court cards can be hard to memorise but if you can relate them to real people, either in your own life or fiction, then you are more likely to pull up more descriptive meanings.

Page of wands – Bran Stark – Learning to trust Intuition.
Knight of wands – Tyrion Lannister – Acts on impulse.
Queen of wands – Cat Stark – Confident, Spontaneous and quick tempered.
King of wands – Rob Stark – Takes chances, creative, benevolent ruler.

Page of cups – Sansa Stark – Open to romance.
Knight of cups – Loras Tyrell – Romantic dreamer. Think Lancelot.
Queen of cups – Daenerys Targaryen – Emotional and empathetic. The reverse is Cerci where mothering turns nasty.
King of cups – Renly Baratheon – Controlled emotion often clouded by fantasy.

Page of swords – Arya Stark – Seeks justice and truth.
Knight of swords – Jamie Lannister – Defends the rights of others.
Queen of swords – Margaery Tyrell – Speaks on the behalf of others.
King of swords – Stannis Baratheon – Protects and defends. The reverse being Tywin Lannister where it can become brutal.

Page of Pentacles – Sam Tarley – seeks new knowledge.
Knight of Pentacles – John Snow – prepared to die for the land. Reversed Theon Greyjoy.
Queen of Pentacles – Melisandre – Channeller of Nature.
King of Pentacles – Eddard Stark – Trustworthy but stubborn. Reversed Robert Baratheon.

I would love to hear your views on it.