Hidden 3D images in standard tarot deck.

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As part of my learning process I decided to do a single card daily reading of the day that had been. I asked for guidance whilst picking the card and I drew the lovers. Only half an hour before that I had been reflecting on how lucky I felt to have found my soul mate in life. Like most men I still struggle to tell her often enough what she means to me so it was quite auspicious to draw this particular card at that time.
I decided to stick with this card and to try some other exercises based on the Mary Greer workbook of tarot. I studied it for a considerable time, having conversations with the characters in the card. Focusing intently on the details in the card. I then remembered that my wife cold never see any of those 3D pictures that you get. I wondered what would happen if you applied the technique for focusing on these images to a tarot card.

I put the card right up against my nose and focused on it. I then slowly pulled the card away whilst keeping the same focus point. An amazing thing happens with the lovers. A third character appears in between them and it morphs between male and female as if representing the ying yang balance of sexuality required for advancement in a spiritual life.

If you give this a try and discover other cards with hidden images then let us know. Try The High Priestess, 8 of Wands ( new double ended wands appear), The World, 2 of Cups. The Wheel of Fortune is particularly good at many levels. At one point it forms the eternity symbol of a sideways figure 8. The Devil. Two of swords, Justice. Tower.