I can’t visualise for peanuts

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visualiseI just discovered and amazing PDF from Robert Bruce at http://www.astraldynamics.com (link at bottom of the post). In this mini book there is a chapter on visualisation that has rocked my world, and I think it will make the rest of my psychic development work a more pleasant experience. If you can’t be bothered reading the whole PDF, on how to safely build up energy for psychic development, then please, at least read this excerpt. It could save you a lot of heartache in your develoment work.

Let’s face it, ninety-nine percent of people can’t visualize for peanuts! No, let me rephrase that, ninety-nine percent of people think they cannot visualize. But this is all wrong too, because I know that one-hundred percent of people can visualize perfectly. Everyone does it all the time. They just don’t know they are doing it. If you are one of the many people that has problems with visualization, then this is the chapter you have been waiting for all your life.
The above-stated problem comes about simply because visualization is generally so poorly explained and taught these days. Visualization is considered by many to be an ability that takes years to master. But visualization is extremely easy and it does not take any time at all to master. It is a natural ability that everyone has and uses all the time. It is an ability that anyone can do with virtually no training or practice.

There are profound in-built problems with the majority of today’s popular New Age visualization-based techniques. This is especially apparent with popular energy body and Chakra development techniques, if you seriously examine them. I have come across countless developmental problems relating to this single issue. This problem is so serious it greatly increases the diffi culty levels encountered with any kind of serious development work. Development time is thereby seriously lengthened. As a consequence the majority of people give up well before they get any noticeable or worthwhile results.

To illustrate a part of this problem: if you belong to a meditation or development group, go and ask everyone, one at a time and in private, how they really get on with visualization. Note the slightly worried looks you’ll get with this question if you push it, especially from those teaching it. If they are completely honest most people will admit to having a few basic problems with visualization, or that they just can’t do it at all. But you will also fi nd a few who will claim to have no problems whatsoever. These lucky few can easily see in their mind’s eye whatever they visualize – just as if they are watching a little TV behind their closed eyelids, in their mind’s eye. The lucky few with this type of visual ability are unintentionally a part of this widespread self-propagating problem.

Mind’s Eye Visual Ability – Or Visualization?
The commonly used term [visual-isation] is at the root of this whole problem, plus the inadequate explanations people are usually given when learning or being taught this essential skill. A lot of teachers in this field  intimate to their students that, with a little practice, they will one day be able to see what they are visualizing, just like watching a little TV inside their heads. Unfortunately, while this is partly true, it takes more than just a little practice and ability to do this. It is not something learned quickly; barring natural ability of course.

To put it in a nutshell: Visualization is NOT a visual skill. You are not supposed to actually see what you visualize. If you do see something it is then no longer classed as visualization. It then becomes a Mind’s Eye vision type of ability. During any type of meditation or training exercise requiring deep physical and mental relaxation, when combined with a visualization exercise, some people will always be found who develop partial clairvoyance, or an awake semi-lucid dream type of creative visual ability, or a combination of these. These are very visual abilities, enabling people with them to actually see what they are visualizing in their mind’s eyes.

After reading this book you will know how the energy in your body is absorbed, stored and used. Knowing this and following the few simple exercises will help you build power quicker and avoid the possible side affects of psychic development.

If you want to read the rest of this brilliant book then here’s the link. Download PDF