I share my head with a Super Hoarder..

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imageHigher Self, Spirit and the Source cannot be reached through Form. They can only be found in the spaces in between, they exist only in the void; the void between the conscious atoms that manifests our physical worlds. If you play all the keys of a piano all at once, over and over, what you produce is just noise, a painful cacophony to the senses. What actually makes music beautiful is the space between those notes. The scales that we know so well only harmonise the beauty of the silence. The space between, that is the true key to spirituality.

To hear Gods symphony of silence you need to completely quieten the thoughts in your head, these thoughts are not the real you. They are not necessary they are just the thoughts of Ego. The real you is the one that listens to these weird thoughts. Say something in your head. That was your one of your many Ego personalities speaking, but it was your real self that heard the words. You need to learn to distinguish between the vision and the watcher, the word and the listener.

To make contact with spirit we first create a space between our true self and the physical self. This is achieved when we silence the mind sufficiently enough to be able to step away from the physical body. We create a gap that allows the static noise to dissolve, allowing the music of the void to play through us. The longer we can sustain this space, the more chance that spirit has to communicate with us. Our true self is in constant contact with spirit, as it is spirit; spirit trapped temporarily in a human space suit. If we can quieten the physical body long enough then we can have direct access to the spirit realm. Our spirit self is the medium by which we translate, and the space we create acts as conduit connecting us. Without that space we inhabit the same coordinates and the coarser physical noise of our bodies will always out drum the gentler strings of spirit communication. Normally it’s only when we are asleep, or distracted into some trance state, that we actually hear the other side calling. That is why our dreams so often inspire us or even answer our waking questions.

Making that space is what spirituality is all about. It is the reason why so many people meditate. Keep silent for ten seconds and then imagine stepping back from the body. Now that you are apart try and remain as free from ‘Ego Thought’ as you possibly can – just wait for a sign.

You will know when it is not your Ego talking as ‘Spirit Thought’ is different to the normal monkey chatter in your mind. It can take many forms – visions, shadows, peripheral movement, an unknown voice, ideas, intuitions, emotions, smells, tastes, touch and music. The key is not to try to hard. Less is best where spirit is concerned. It is a muscle that is strengthened by not doing anything. Bizarrely our inner body building is the complete opposite of our external body building.

That sounds easy but it isn’t, we are all so used to working hard for our results. Doing the least effort to achieve such a big reward goes against everything that your Ego believes is true and it will fight you all the way. It will tell you to chant more, to meditate harder and longer, to examine yourself at every spare moment. These are all distractions from the silence and only the silence brings peace.

You are probably asking if I have achieved this state yet? Well, small snatches here and there. I just need to keep practising and to not try as hard. It will happen, but in spirits good time, not mine. My pushing it to happen only slows down the process. A child could do this so easily, but it’s hard for us (as adults) to reverse engineer years of Ego structures. It’s not easy to prune back the years of self abuse and achieve child like innocence again. I think it’s worth ‘not’ spending the effort on, don’t you? I just need to convince my mind to be lazy for once and to let go of all the crap it’s accumulated. If I can just get all this furniture out of the room then the space cleared will reveal a door, a door that leads to a happy me – a happy me that has always been there. It’s just my bad luck that I have spent the last fifty years with a super hoarder ego maniac. What’s worse is we share the same head. Enough is enough though, I’m going to hire a big skip and get that maniac sorted out once and for all. If he doesn’t play along with my clear out plans then he’s getting evicted because I need my space back, I have some living to do.