If a tree falls…

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“If mankind were to disappear tomorrow and no other conscious species exists in the universe, present time as we conceive it would also disappear; what remains of nature and physical reality will continue to be subject to some form of order and relativity.”
Birgitta Dresp-Langley, Jean Durup

Nature is a series of cyclic events, experienced through a combination of intuition and the five senses. Without the human consciousness overlaying it, with its concept of ‘Time and Space’, these events they would carry on; regardless of whether we exist or not.

Without a conscious observer present to view an event the present moment collapses into the nothingness that it actually is. Without conscious memory birthing their creation Past and Future also dissolve into the ether. In the idealist world, if all derives from consciousness, then even nature and physical reality cease to exist.

However, this assumes that consciousness and memories only reside within the physical brain. They do not. Consciousness and memory continue out with physical matter but like our scenario above ‘Time’ does not exist in this world of conscious creation.

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