Interview with an X-Man

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imageLast night as I was just getting ready to settle down to sleep when I looked across the room. It was dark but because of the street lights, casting a silver glow on our curtains, the rooms features were still quite obvious to me. I could see the outlined box of the window, the chest of drawers on either side and a chair sitting right in front of the window. Its shadow was etched into the white of the backlit curtain.

‘Nothing unusual’, I thought to myself and then it struck me that we don’t have a chair in the room. We never have…

‘Strange..’, was my first thought but as I grappled with this curious conundrum I suddenly realised that my eyes weren’t actually open either.
‘Shit!! – I’m a freakin mutant’.
I wasn’t asleep – surely I couldn’t be awake. If neither is correct then where was this alternate room appearing from and when did I suddenly develop X-ray vision. Slightly startled I opened my eyes and scanned the room. It all looked the same – only minus the additional ghost chair.

It’s a strange by-product of starting on this path of mystery – mystery tends to find you. You don’t actually have to go out looking for the strange in life. Perhaps it has always presented itself this way. Maybe I was too caught up in the mundane materialism of life to actually notice before. Perhaps all those exercises in intuition, those hours of ‘Opening your third eye’ videos had finally started to pay off. Who knows. All I do know for sure is something is changing and it’s changing for the better. I am discovering that life is a daily adventure in the mystery schools.

Q – Is it God then?

A – I don’t know if there is a God out there, I’m not going to be presumptuous enough to project my feeble notion of what it may be. I would only fall short. I am certain thought that there is something infinitely more beautiful, more powerful, more unimaginable than anything I could ever imagine. It’s either ‘All That Is’ or at the very least it’s a part of me that extends beyond the reasonable limits of this physical linear existence. Either way I’m in no hurry to meet it. For the time being I am having too much fun discovering how preposterously wonderful this multiverse actually is with it by my side.

Q- Any regrets?
A – Only one. I took too bloody long to start looking.

Q – Will you stop walking this path?
A- No! Not even when my body gives up the ghost and I shuffle of this mortal coil. I’ll rest up and then sign up for another tour of duty. Maybe next time I will get my act together quicker in life – have a better crack at it. After all – ‘You’ve got to be in it, to win it’ – that’s what the voice of the balls says anyway… Are you in?

Q- Will you ever stop interviewing yourself, because you’re freakin me out?
A – Yes, I think that would be a wise move. Preferably before they lock me up 🙂