It’s just a game of give and take.

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20140701-215240-78760190.jpgI knew about the first law of thermodynamics in that energy can’t be created or destroyed. It can take different forms and move about but nothing is truly lost. That got me to thinking. We have been using electricity for over a hundred years. We have seen, heard and felt the results of it’s use but what happened after that? Where did all that energy go to?

The sun boils the sea, it changes to water vapour, forms clouds which have a potential energy. It falls into a reservoir and gets converted into kinetic energy. As it passes through the Hydro it gets converted into electricity. It then somehow gets to my house where I turn on a lamp. The sun is now in my house. Heat and light and probably sound are produced from that bulb. That energy can’t be lost so where does it go from there. That’s where my problem arose.

Now, the heat will go into the room. After all we know that the objects surrounding a light source will get quite hot. This heat will eventually dissipate around the room as energy will always try and balnce itself. Light and sound are a bit trickier for my mind to take in. They can be absorbed by material around them but what then.

If I blast a piece of acoustic foam with sound it will absorb some of it so that it deadens the sound. What happens to all that sound in the foam. Does it heat up and dissipate through heat loss? Does it store up sound waves like an electric battery. Could I squeeze all the sound back out of that foam like a a big soapy sponge. Would it go bang? Then there is the sound that hits our ears. It gets converted from pulses to bone movements in the ear to electrical charges in the brain. I understand that but if I remember that sound. If I can duplicate that sound in my memory have I stored that as well, like a battery.

Is memory a huge energy battery. Does that explain the power of visualisations. Can those memories be used and converted to ideas. Ideas and thoughts that can be pushed out to create our own reality.

That raised another problem for me. I have been debating with myself for some time as to where memory actually resides. Is it stored in the physical brain, some etheric brain or in the Akashic Field where every conscious being can access it. Am I a huge energy convertor that feeds the spirit world. Like Neo in the Matrix only substitute spirit beings for machines.

Oh how my head hurts….