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lemmingIt may be an urban legend but the old Disney footage (that we watched as kids) of Lemmings throwing themselves of a cliff is false. Lemmings don’t in fact do this. An impressive shot like this is achieved by Disney employees gathering together lemmings and then chasing said lemmings off the cliff. With good editing you can make it look like a mass suicide.

¬†Imagine though that they did manage to herd a sizeable number of lemmings to the cliff edge and by making loud noises panic them towards the edge. Place yourself in the middle of that ¬†frightened pack. Looking forward you can see death looming towards you. If you follow everyone else it’s inevitable. You stop running and just stand still. Looking around you notice just how beautiful it is around you. The sun is setting just beyond the edge and the sky is every colour imaginable. A cool sea breeze is dancing through the grass. You realise that in this one moment that life is really worth living. A deep joy fills your heart.
Potentially you could just sit there but you decide that perhaps your just a little braver than that. Nobody actually knows what they are running away from. You decide to face your fears and turn around. As you start moving away from the cliff edge you realise that you are almost travelling into your past but this time with the intent of coming face to face with what you imagine to be danger. You could die this way just as easily as the others falling over the cliff but at least you will have the knowledge that you made the choice. So you keep walking and those Disney guys just don’t even notice as you walk past their advancing line.
You have moved from your normal reality into a peak experience and then into complete awakening.