Leslie Flint – Direct Voice Medium

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imageLeslie Flint was one of the worlds greatest direct voice mediums. Over the span of his 60 years in mediumship over 500 recordings have been made of the various voices that came through from the spirit world. I can see no alternative reason for Leslie doing this all his life other than he genuinely believed that it was the real deal. He barely scratched a living from it and didn’t seek fame or lucrative book deals, yet the quality of the voices, the range of characters and messages that have come through speak for themselves.

Over his career Leslie always agreed to any tests or conditions that were placed on his mediumship Whatever was devised by testers, to try and catch any trickery, always failed. This was not a time, like now, of amazing technology. Leslie just didn’t have the tools at hand to trick so many people, for so long. I would like to think that anyone that could pull off that level of subdifuge would end up a millionaire. Mr Flint left nothing for the world except an incredible archive of every day conversations with the afterlife – a priceless gift.

The link below is one of my favourites. Little Bobby Tracey is five years old and throughout the 30min session, bubbles with childlike innocence and infectious playfulness that made me laugh out loud. Below that is a link to the Leslie Flint archive, who tirelessly work to convert these finds into digital formats (many now available on You Tube). They are just one of many stalwarts across the world busy digitising the produce of 150 years of Spiritualism before it is lost to the sands of time. We salute you all.
Bobby Tracey – Leslie Flint