Living life to the Max ( ) in a multi-dimensionsional universe

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Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts

Whilst reading Jane Roberts ‘Oversoul Seven Trilogy’ I was also involved in a work situation that I couldn’t resolve. This work situation almost mirrored problems that were being faced by the characters in her novel.

In Janes book, which expresses many of the views that she was able to channel from a spirit called Seth, we are multidimensional personalities. We live simultaneously across time and space and each personality is just a facet of an all encompassing oversoul.

In my work problem I was trying to apply a year object to a multidimensional database. However, whenever I tried to use this object in a report the software would complain. I was trying to apply a singular fact across multiple dimensions. It was like one personality of a soul learning a great truth and wanting that knowledge to be available to all its reincarnations.

One way would be to have that truth appear in some physical form, throughout each of those dimensions, so that each of the individual personalities could discover them in their own life time. Another is for one of the personalities, with the strength of spirit, to embed that knowledge into the inherited consciousness of the oversoul so that each reincarnation is born with the knowledge within them, hidden, waiting to be unlocked.

I don’t know if it’s relevant yet but the answer to the database problem was to use a command called Max( ), around the date object. This fooled the database into thinking that the singular date fact was multidimensional and to only return the highest value, even though there was only one value. Every report created from these dimensions now thinks it has this year information in every row.

Is it possible for one of our incarnations to implant a maximum value around some belief and to apply that across all the personalities, past and present? Could one facet of a soul change the whole soul for the better and in so doing cascade that improvement upwards, raising that soul and subsequently all souls above it closer to the source? Perhaps life is all about living it to the Max ( ).