Lost gospels and Awakening.

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“And Jesus said: The counterfeit of the spirit is stationed without the soul, watching over it and dogging it, and the rulers bind it to the soul with their seal and with their bonds, and force it to commit mischiefs unremittingly, that it may be their slave forever, and be under their subjection forever in the transmigration into bodies:”

“It is because of this that I have brought the mysteries into the world, which break all the bonds of the counterfeit of the spirit, which make the soul free and ransom it from the hands of its parents, the rulers, and transform it into pure light, to bring it into the kingdom of the True Father, the first everlasting mystery.”

from the lost gospel of Mary Magdelen

I saved this excerpt as a draft 3 months ago because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use it. I knew It meant something to me but it just wasn’t connecting at the time. Recently I have been reading Eckhart Tolle – ‘Power of Now’ and suddenly when I read this text it all just clicked into place. The counterfeit of the soul is our physical body. The ruler mentioned is our Ego. It binds us to desires and wants and all the emotional turmoil that this self centred egotistical lifestyle brings with it.

The mysteries are any type of esoteric knowledge that makes you want to examine your spiritual needs. Once you start looking inside, to analyse your motives, emotions and constant stream of unconscious thoughts then slowly the Ego starts to dissolve. The more the Ego can be eradicated then the happier your life becomes and that’s when the pure light shines through.

This is a universal principle that can be found in every religion. It’s simple, so why can’t we all find this peace? The Ego. It will fight you all the way because your peace of mind, your joy of life here and in the next existence can only be achieved with its death. If there is such a thing as the devil then look no further than inside yourself and its a subtle enemy. It’s that little voice that constantly niggles away in the back of your head. Through meditation, mindfulness, you can learn to just let these voices pass right through your mind without having to action them or respond to them. No more anger, frustration, stress, wants, loneliness.