The Magic Staff – Digitally Remastered

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Andrew Jackason Davis 1847The Magic Staff – Autobiography of Andrew Jackson Davis (digitally remastered)

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We have just finished remastering Andrew Jackson Davis’s seminal autobiography ‘The Magic Staff’. As far as I know this is the only new copy of this book available that isn’t just a scanned PDF of the original. As many flaws as possible have been removed to bring this book back to it’s original quality.

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In this light, the life of Mr. Davis has been long. During a half-score of years, he vibrated from one extreme in external life to the utmost verge of the other; while, interiorly, he swept through a vast, rich field of doubt-dispelling investigation. By this process he has been educated. Since his powers were awakened by the aid of human magnetism, he has been to a School of which Nature is the teacher; and, with “attentive and believing faculties,” has toiled for the priceless dower of Wisdom. In every sense he has been a tireless student, differing from the ordinary methods only by going directly to the essence of things; thus gleaning from the very heart of the Universe, so to speak, that. knowledge which others get, at second-hand, from books. Hence, his education is now just as available, at all hours, as that of any other well-trained intellect; and it is only when some new and intricate subject presents itself for investigation, that he needs to abstract his mind and enter the still more illuminated ” Superior State.” It is plain to be seen, then, that his present ordinary state, in which he writes this Autobiography, is vastly ” superior” to that former dependent condition in which he dictated “Nature’s Divine Revelations.”