Mediumship par excellence 

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cloudI was fortunate enough to attend a demonstration of an emerging Scottish medium last night – Barry Hogg. Barry’s mediumship was on par with Gordon Smith, Tony Stockwell and James Van Praag but the comedy element of his style placed him above the others for down right entertainment. 

Even if you didn’t get a message you were in stitches listening to the other members of the audience bantering with Barry. Not once did I feel that he overstretched his spirit remit and each sensitive piece of information was handed over with a joyfulness that lightened what potentially could have triggered the wrong reactions, if delivered badly.

Barry could quite easily do the stand up circuit but his broad Lothian accent, and speed of delivery, could prove problematic for some ears. Scottish mediumship seems to be in good hands at the moment. Barry is joined on the circuit by other newcomers like Alan Welsh and Lauren Robertson.

Alan has such a pleasant laid back style that you instantly warm to him and there is always a real life story entwined within his messages. Lauren is just an energiser bunny and her joy of this life, spirit life and everything in between is infectious to watch.

Isn’t that what a good spiritual medium does though. You go for a message from a loved one but even if that doesn’t happen you leave with a lighter heart and some food for thought.