Messages from the Afterlife – Mark Ireland

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magicIf you have read and enjoyed Marks touching first book ‘Soulshift’ then you will be pleased to know that his follow up is just as heart felt but takes the journey to the next level. After tragically losing his teenage son, Mark set out on a journey of spiritual discovery. With the aid of several experienced mediums he has managed to contact Brandon, and find a level of comfort from knowing that Brandon still lives on and has a happy life on the other side of the veil.

In this book Mark continues his easy style of writing but in-between the personal anecdotes he adds in chapters on some heavier topics. These he has encountered because of this contact with mediums, but also through the works of his father (Richard Ireland); who happened to be a world renowned Psychic Medium. In a world of sceptics it’s nice to read a book from someone who values good mediumship. However, Mark is an intelligent man and being open enough to receive proof does not mean that he has lost the intelligence to question everything that he gets. He is the first to highlight the fakers that have jumped onto the spiritualist band wagon and he is happy to expose them.

Chapter 4 for example goes into a lot of the science behind mediumship but Mark says right at the start that you should skip this chapter, if that’s not your bag. That’s quite refreshing. I did read it however, and although I had covered a lot of the material before, it condensed it into a short form, that will be far easier for my feeble brain to take in. Other subjects covered are synchronicity, scepticism, and mediumship throughout religious history. If you are new to mediumship then these chapters are essential reading and will open up new avenues  that you may wish to venture into. There are enough references in the endnotes to keep any seeker happy for some considerable time. I always consider a book to be worth reading if it makes me put it down for a moment and then to subsequently lose 2-3 hours on the Internet, researching some new insight.

Chapter 10 is a touching story surrounding the death of Marks sister Robin, who died from an unusual pancreatic cancer. Mark had enough time before her passing to arrange a survival experiment, which Robin was keen to take part in. These type of experiments hark back to the early days of the SPR, and the late Fredrick Myers. Robin wrote and sealed a message in an envelope and she promised Mark that she would try and get that message through to him. Several mediums from both sides of the Atlantic were involved in this experiment and it certainly makes for interesting reading.

My wife and I both loved reading this book. When you read Marks books you really get a sense of the man behind the words. A sensitive caring soul who could probably have found his spiritual path down many diverse routes. Events however see him counselling other bereaved parents (as well as keeping down a full time career), a path that seems to have been laid out for him by Brandon and his father deaths. A path that he is singularly well suited to.

[During the writing of this book Mark has also been busy publishing his fathers own book, on how to develop psychic abilities. ‘Your Psychic Potential’ by Richard Ireland was kept safety hidden for almost 25 years and only given to Mark when it was felt that it was the right time for it to be published. I will be reviewing it at a later date, as I am still going through it at the time of writing this article. I have to say though, from my initial reading of it, I have to give it a big thumbs up. It should be essential reading for anyone starting out in developing psychic and spirit gifts.]