Messages from the masters – book review

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bottleI have been working my way through the Dr Brian Weiss book “Messages from the Masters”. It’s a strange book, its a mish-mash of new age knowledge, regression session transcripts and a sprinkling of self help therapy. I have to say that on balance the whole the book is well worth reading.
There is an over riding theme of ‘the power of love’ throughout this book, which wasn’t to my taste but a lot of the regression examples (and there are a lot) are real eye openers. There are quite a few practical exercises included, to help you discover your inner self.

For some reason with new age books I always start at the back. Some of the best sections can be in the appendixes and that’s the case with this book. Appendix A is a shared spiritual values, which levels the playing fields between all religions. After all we all sing from the same hymn book, even if it is in a different language. Appendix B contains the text for several regression meditations so that you can record them yourself.

I would like to include some excerpts from the book, which highlight some of the themes covered in the book.

If you do not have the opportunity to do great things, you can do small things in a great way

To be in physical state is abnormal. When you are in spiritual state, that is natural to you.

With understanding comes patience. And then time stops. And everything is now.

We go through so many stages when we’re here. We shed a baby body, go into a child’s, from child to an adult, an adult into old age. Why shouldn’t we go one step beyond and shed the adult biddy and go onto a spiritual plane? That is what we do. We don’t just stop growing; we continue to grow. When we get to the spiritual plane, we keep growing there, too. We go through different stages of development. When we arrive, we’re burnt out. We have to go through a renewal stage, and a stage if decision. We decide when we want to return, where, and for what reasons. Some choose not to come back. They choose to go on to another stage of development. And they stay in spirit form…some for longer than others, before they return. It is all growth and learning…continuous growth. Our body is just a vehicle for us while we’re here. It is our soul and our spirit that lasts forever.

God’s light does not discriminate, and neither should ours.
There is not one path, one way, one church, one ideology.
There is only one light.