Noble eightfold path

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Dharma Wheel

Dharma Wheel of the Eight-Fold Noble Paths

In Buddhism, the Noble Eight-fold Path consists of eight basic steps to being fully aware of your thoughts and actions. This is symbolised by the 8 spoke Dharma Wheel. These paths are key to achieving success in the fourth truth of the ‘Four Noble Truths’, which are;

  • Truth of suffering
  • Truth of the origin of suffering
  • Truth of cessation of suffering
  • Truth of the path to cessation of suffering

Path 1 – Right view

This step involves looking at life with the correct view of how suffering is an accepted part of this life. By looking at our beliefs (fear, greed, prejudice) we can see that we cause most of our own suffering in the first place; Once you see this you can start to change those beliefs and so eliminate suffering from your life.

Path 2 – Right intention

The second step leads on from the first. By recognising these constraints and setting our mind on eliminating them we learn to work with what is rather than against it. This is pure intention to not cause suffering for ourselves or others.

Path 3 – Right speech

The third step involves understanding the power of words. If you have followed the first two steps then your speech should reflect this. Pure speech, with pure intention will help to eliminate suffering in ourselves and others.
Path 4 – Right discipline

The fourth step extols the simplification of all the complications in our life. These distractions will only draw us form the path and an unclouded view of life will help to alleviate suffering.

Path 5 – Right Work

The fifth step is finding joy in the work that you do. Whatever your job is, you do it to the best of your ability and that will suffice.

Path 6 – Right effort

The sixth path involves right effort, which means that we don’t fight ourselves. Things arer the way they are and we accept this and work within this knowledge. Strive to remove negativity from your life without causing conflict in yourself.

Path 7 – Right mindfulness

Being mindful of every detail of our life speech, work, posture, eating, breathing and our attitude toward our friends and family. Every detail should be enjoyed for what it is.

Path 8 – Right concentration

The last path is being mindful of the now. Be fully engaged in the current moment. This is usually achieved through some sort of meditation. By finding the now and connecting with All That Is you can start to dissolve the Ego that ties you falsely to the material/physical world.